Mobile and app development

We can help if you have an idea for a unique mobile application or want to improve your user experience of with a hybrid or native app

The introduction of smartphones and tablets has dramitcally changed the web we use the web. More than 60% of web access is from mobile devices so it is essential that your online presence gives the user the best possible experience on their chosen device.

Responsive Web Design

For many websites a responsive web design will provide a seamless user experience to all devices - iphones, android phones, tablets and desktop computers. Responsive web design is a technique where content is resized and reflowed depending on the device size. On smaller devices some content may not be shown and the design will be simplified to provide better readability on the smaller screen. As you work up in size from to large phones and mini tablets to desktops the design will adapt to add more details and layout complexities.

None of this happens by magic. When we start a project we'll work with you on the user experience before we start on the design work so we can ensure the key content always remains accessible.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps can be a cost effective way of both iOS and Android devices without the need to develop two separate apps in tandem. Hybrid apps give you the ability to access some of the native controls of the device (like camera and accelerometer) but make use of javascript and HTML5 to provide the user interface. This approach is often suited to simple apps or for extending a web application into an app.

Native App Development

Native apps provide the ultimate user experience. They are fast and give access to all the sensors and widgets a mobile device has. However due to the difference technologies and language used between iOS and Android devices an application essentially has to be written for each device which is more time consuming than the hybrid approach. However the benefit is often increased speed and the polish that comes from user the native device widgets.

There are may choices when it comes to mobile development and we'll help guide you through the options so you have the most effective solution for your idea.

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