Business Application Development

We can transform repetitive tasks and piles of spreadsheets into superpowered systems that will transform the way you do business

Its all to common to find businesses spending too long on mundane admin tasks. Many businesses are tying together spreadsheets and old utilities to get crucial insights into the day to day view of their businesses when a bespoke application could perform all these tasks.

We can help transform these items into a bespoke application that could streamline many of these items into simple processes that can be automated or run very simply. We can integrate with existing systems and APIs to give you a complete view of your business or business process.

These tasks can be as simple as generating a report and having it emailed to a customer. If you have to do this manually daily/weekly its going to add up to a lot of time, but if the report can be quickly generated from a database and automatically emailed you'll have all that extra time to spend developing your business.

We've run into many businesses that use an old Access database to perform some essential task and find its holding them back. We'll replace this old database with a modern web application that can be easily extended to suit your future business needs.

Bespoke software developed with Ruby on Rails need not take months and cost the earth. Sometimes a weeks work can replace a system costing many times more or save a business thousands of pounds in man-hours.

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